HELETEE specializes in offering legal counseling on contract law and offers a flexible alternative to in-house legal counselling in all fields of business.

We have long-term practical legal experience in consulting businesses foremost in sectors involving large-scale production and major construction and development. We also possess competencies in analyzing public procurement documentation and compilation of conforming tender quotations.

We offer consultations and drafting of documents in all legal fields pertaining to business activities including:

  • Law of Obligations;
  • Property law;
  • IP law;
  • Construction law;
  • Commercial law;
  • Public Procurement law.
  • Services can be rendered in English or Estonian.

    We give prudent and practical advice.

    Marko Kivila
    Legal Counselor

    Marko has given legal consultations within large-scale development projects such as development and construction of the Enefit 280 shale oil production plant in Estonia, subsystems for the new Auvere Power Plant in Estonia, parts of the Balticconnector gas pipeline infrastructure and the Rail Baltica* railroad project involving all three Baltic countries. He has also consulted leading companies in the heavy-industry and electronics sectors in Estonia. He possesses long-term experience in setting up contract and claims management systems in companies and in drafting contracts for international transactions and conducting subsequent claim-management.

    * Services are not currently rendered regarding the Rail Baltica project due to applicable non-competition restrictions.