Contract management is the discipline of negotiating the terms and conditions of contracts as well as ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions throughout execution, documenting and agreeing on any changes or amendments that may arise during its implementation and handling any and all legally binding interactions between the parties during and after contract completion. Contract management has the purpose of maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk within each contractual relationship.

Successful contract management does not end with the signing of a good contract document. On the contrary, as the actions of the contractual parties after contract signing may be of far greater legal significance than the contract itself, successful contract management mostly entails handling the contractual relation after a contract is signed. A good contract is just a good start - a poorly drafted instrument of delivery, an incorrect notice or a late claim letter may invalidate the use of otherwise forceful contractual rights by the injured party. Likewise, a well issued notice by the party in error may make the application of forceful contractual remedies impossible.

Unsuccessful implementation of post-award activities will inevitably result in loss of opportunity and benefits. Conversely, a well implemented contract management plan will result in the realization of the expected benefits of the contract and the absence of disputes

HELETEE offers the service of legal management of contractual relations. Within this service, we handle legal communication between the parties and compile - in consultation with the client - notices, claims documents and response letters. We also consult regarding the taking over and acceptance of services and works and draft necessary instruments of delivery and acceptance. We also draft any other legal documents pertaining to the contractual relationship.

We give a clear overview of contractual obligations already taken and thereby facilitate effective risk management of any subsequent contracts and transactions.

We enable you to create a structured project management system and help you fulfill your contractual obligations and protect your contractual rights, whether you are a client or a contractor.